Will the over 60s info kits catch some Labour MPs out?

Matthew Hooton quotes Andrew Geddis on the info kits, with Andrew saying that they are not election advertisements as they are orange not red and don’t mention Labour.

Hooton points out though that Phil Goff, unlike his colleagues, has described himself as the “Labour MP for Mt Roskill” on the cover of his info kit.

This raises the possibility that for Phil Goff (but not other MPs) they will be counted as an election advertisement and hence an election expense. And if he has already spent more than $16,000 then he may have broken his spending limit. If that is the case he could lose his seat.

So if Phil Goff wins Mt Roskill, I am sure lawyers will be looking very closely at his election return.

And I wonder why Goff stuck Labour on his cover, when it seems most of his colleagues did not?

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