Dim-Post on spying on activists

A classic from the Dim-Post:

SIG Detective-Inspector Sean Gibson-Whyte is understood to be leading the investigation into Tino-rangatiratanga People’s Global Jihad for Social and Environmental Justice Now! and admits that the loss of Gilchrist as an informer has dealt a blow to the ongoing surveillance operation.

‘We have been reduced to reading Mr Fletcher’s blog, watching his web-cam, listening to his telephone calls with Mr Singh and installing listening devices in their homes and cars,’ Gibson-Whyte admitted ruefully.

Detective Gibson-Whyte is no stranger to set-backs: an experienced officer with a Masters Degree in criminal law, he spent nine years investigating gangs and organised crime in New Zealand and Asia Pacific and headed up a multi-country task-force to investigate the smuggling of amphetamine precursors from South East Asia before being pulled from the case to head up the inquiry into the Tino-rangatiratanga People’s Global Jihad for Social and Environmental Justice Now! task-force.

Other activists informed on by Gilchrist have expressed surprise and relief about the selective nature of his informing.

‘Rob sent the stasi pigs cell-phone pictures he took of my ‘PanArchy’ performance art installation but he hasn’t told them anything about the time I got wasted, broke into my ex-girlfriends flat and trashed the whole house,’ said Project for Total Human Genocide co-founder and environmental activist Jenny McCormak. The anonymous, Hawera based spokesperson for Sendero Luminoso Aotearoa has expressed gratitude that Gilchrist did not reveal details of her activities manufacturing and distributing the class A drug Ecstasy, although his information about the group has prompted the SIG to draft eleven more detectives into the task-force to adequately monitor the upcoming anti-patriarchy rave scheduled for new years eve.

One of the best.

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