Rochelle hits back

Lyn Prentice at The Standard blogs on what (his niece) did after she discovered her boyfriend (Rob Gilchrist was on her and others for the ):

I flew down to Christchurch and installed spyware on Rob Gilchrist’s phone to monitor his phone calls and text messages, and a script on his computer to continue sending his emails to me. I also downloaded the past 12 months of his phone bills from telecom, and managed to decrypt documents in his emails that had been encrypted.

I did say it was monumentally stupid of Gilchrist to ask his geek girlfriend to fix his computer when he has been using it to file spy reports on her. And I think morally she has every right to snoop through his stuff, considering the huge betrayal of trust Gilchrist did to her, and others.

Lyn notes:

In effect she had access to a large amount of the ongoing and past dialogue between Rob and his police handlers. This makes some of the statements made by Howard Broad in the last few days somewhat hilarious. He badly needs to get on top of what his officers are doing, if only because otherwise Rochelle can tell him.

It sounds like the Police should be somewhat concerned.

There is an arguable case that Rochelle may have broken the law as it relates to unauthorised computer access. But the Police would be foolish to even consider charging her, as the double standard would be immense. And personally I’d actually donate to her defence.

The big question I am still fascinated by, is why Gilchrist did it, and did he offer his services to the Police, or did they actively try to enlist him?

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