72nd Nats Conference starts

They have just started the 72nd Conference. The Town Hall is packed with 700 people registered for the conference.

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast opened the conference and got a good round of applause when she “accidentally” referred to John as Prime Minister.

John Key’s main speech is tomorrow. Cracked a joke that the only Spencer he knows anything about is Frank Spencer. Made obligatory reference to hoping for an All Black victory tonight.

Announced National will build on Labour’s tax cuts – will take them as stage one, but will have a second tranche six months later in April 2009 and a third tranche in April 2010. Very popular announcement.

UK Conservative Party Leader David Cameron sent a video address. Talked of using centre right principles to deliver social justice – what the promise but do not deliver. Said we are on brink of a post-bureaucratic age with the able to empower information to individuals etc. Need policies to limit government and expand freedom.

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