A 100 person poll in Tauranga

Just been e-mailed a story from the . It is not online. They did a “snapshot survey” of 100 voters in . Now 100 gives a 10% or so margin of error and it isn’t strictly scientific as it is of people who happened to be out on the streets. But as the results are so extreme, it is not without some news value. On the electorate vote, the responses were:

  1. (Nat) 53%
  2. Undecided 18%
  3. (Lab) 16%
  4. Winston Peters (NZF) 12%
  5. (Kiwi) 1%

And this was done before Owen Glenn revealed Winston Peters solicited the donation from him!

I did not think it was possible to score third behind Anne Pankhurst, who is quite reviled in Tauranga due to her local body career. But he has done it.

And can the Kiwi Party stalwarts now shut up about how Larry may take the seat as a dark horse candidate.

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