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Random House has kindly made available three copies of Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story in an exclusive promotion for readers. Haig was wrongfully convicted in 1994 for murder, and spent 10 years in prison. In 2006 the of Appeal quashed his conviction. The book is his story.

If you would like to win a copy of his book, then you can do so by e-mailing to the answer to this question:

Since 1973, in the United States, how many death row inmates have been released when new evidence emerged of their innocence?

Include your name and address with your entry. The first three correct entries will win a copy of the book.

Do not post what you think is the answer as a comment on the blog. I’ll post the answer once we have three correct entries.

UPDATE: According to the Death Penalty Information Centre the number is 129. They have a list of names here. A number of peopel said 128 which shows they did research and went to sources. But as there were enough people got the 129, I’ll go only for those who were spot on. But don’t worry those who missed out – there is likely to be repeat competitions on a regular basis.

The winners in order of time are:

  1. Steven Heath 3.14 pm
  2. Jim Tapp 3.21 pm
  3. David Pears 3.30 pm

I’ll pass addresses on to Random Press for sending the book out to. Well done the winners and thanks to all participated.

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