Where are the policies and the candidates?

If you go to the National website, you will see an easy link to the 24 new National candidates, and a policy section which now has over two dozen (and growing) policies listed.

Now look at the Labour website. It doesn’t have a single 2008 policy listed, and nor does it include details or even the names of a single candidate is not an MP.

On the policy side, of course some of their policy is what they are already doing in Government. But nowhere do they have a single policy summary of what they will do if re-elected in a particular area.

And if you want to know your local candidate is, they don’t even tell you their name, let alone contact details. Luckily for Labour, have my own candidate’s list so people can find out about them.

The current Labour is seemingly 100% taxpayer funded, so they presumably feel they can’t put election policy and candidates on it. But if that is the case, then shouldn’t they have a second website for the campaign? We are now within three months of the last possible date, and they don’t even have a list of candidates available.

And if you want to know what Labour will do if re-elected? You need to go to 25 Departmental websites to find out, or read Dr Cullen’s Budget speech. And even that only tells you what the Government is currently doing, not what else they are promising to do if re-elected.

So next time Labour goes on about and secret policy, ask them when they will have even a single 2008 policy statement on their website, let alone the names of their candidates?

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