Clark reveals she knew

This is the even bigger smoking gun. Helen Clark has known since February that Owen Glenn donated to Winston Peters. NZPA reports:

Wellington, Aug 28 NZPA – Prime Minister Helen Clark has said Owen Glenn told her earlier this year that he had given $100,000 to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, but Mr Peters had told her the expatriate billionaire was wrong.

Miss Clark told reporters that Mr Glenn had told her about the donation at a meeting in February.

Miss Clark said that when she had run this by Mr Peters, he had told her that Mr Glenn was mistaken.

These conversations all took place before Mr Peters held a press conference at which he strenuously denied receiving any money from Mr Glenn.

She should resign in disgrace. All this time she has sat there knowing the truth, and has allowed Peters to continue this charade. This must be the end of her.

UPDATE: Clark is defending herself by saying she asked Peters and had to take his word. What crap. Look at when Benson-Pope lied – she asked the media to supply tapes or transcripts to her office so they could work out if he lied.

I knew Clark was unethical but I never quite realised quite how unethical she is. This is really disgusting. She sat there while Winston Peters defamed Audrey Young and said nothing. She knew that e-mail from Owen Glenn was not fake, and said nothing. She thinks her only responsibility to the public of NZ is to ask Winston, and accept without question anything he says. That is not leadership. That is not integrity. That is a sad desperate attempt to remain in power, no matter what.