How did he think he could get away with it?

Men often cheat. This is hardly news. And politicians are no different – in fact if anything are more prone to cheating due to thenature of a job where they live away from home.

But I am still somewhat amazed when it is revealed that a senior US politician has been cheating on his wife – how could they think they would get away with it when there are 100 journalists following them about.

So John Edwards’ political career is over. The fact his wife is dying from cancer (and he had exploited this) makes it far worse for him than a normal affair. Add onto that the fact he lied repeatedly about it, and his Finance Chair was paying off the woman (from campaign funds I presume) and the man who calimed to the father of the child of Edward’s girlfriend – well I can’t see a rehabilitation around the corner.

I have to say I can’t imagine Obama ever cheating on Michelle Obama. And McCain’s cheating (hopefully) is in his past.

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