Labour claims polling not for them

Keeping Stock blogs, quoting the Dom Post:

“Prime Helen Clark denied yesterday that was polling voters on her response to the furore – a move which could signal she had not ruled out a firmer line against Mr Peters.

It is understood that polling company UMR was asking several questions, including whether Miss Clark had been decisive enough, but she said the poll was nothing to do with Labour.

“It would be news to me, because neither I, nor my staff, nor the Party have authorised any such polling.””

Okay, well we know UMR has as a client. So what are the possibilities:

  1. UMR are polling for another political party on whether Helen is tough enough on Winston and do people think John Key is slippery. Of course you are not allowed to work for two competing clients, so that theory is impossible.
  2. UMR on their own initiative decided to pay for a poll on how slippery is John Key and is Helen tough enough on WInston? And when they get the results of this poll, they will throw them in the bin, and not show them to anyone.
  3. Helen is not being upfront on this issue – which is rather hypocritical considering how much she went out of her way to claim she had no secrets about the who does polling for her,

There is I guess, another possibility. That the commissioned the poll from UMR!!!

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