Ten best sex scandals

In the wake of John Edwards cheating in his cancer (but it was in remission) stricken wife, The Times has done a list of the ten best political sex scandals. They have five who got caught and five who did not.

  1. The Profumo Affair (if you don’t know what that was, go back to school) – Secretary of John Profumo with Christine Keeler who was also sleeping with a Russian spy.
  2. Gary Hart (should be known to everyone over 30) – challenged the media to follow him, so they did – right to Donna Rice.
  3. Bill and Monica Lewinsky. Her surname became slang for a blowjob. Also had the wonderful lawyerly defence that he did not lie when he said he had not had sexual relations with her, as he had not recipricoated her fellatio with cunnunlingus.
  4. Lord Lambton – snapped in bed with two prostitutes in 1973. Said it was the pressure of the job and a battle over titles which made him do it, as he “sought to soothe this obsession by engaging in frantic activities such as gardening and debauchery”. Hmmn gardending doesn’t look that soothing to me 🙂
  5. Eliot Splitzer and Ashley Alexandra Dupre – a very expensive hooker

And the five who did get away with it:

  1. Francois Mitterrand – actually had two families, and this was basically never published until his daughter was pictured at his funeral.
  2. JFK – Marilyn Monroe and scores or hundreds others.
  3. FDR and Lucy Mercer. Mercer was 23 when it started in 1914 and they broke off after ELeanor found out but possibly rekindled during WWII, as she was with him when she died. It seems FDR’s daughter helped get them back together!
  4. Lord Boothby had lots of affairs, and probably fathered one of the sons of his party leader – Harold MacMillan’s wife. He is thought to have fathered three children with the wives of other men, but also had an affair with Ronald Kray – the gangster.
  5. John Major. I have been reading Alastair Campbell’s diaries and just got to the day where he says he learnt of Major’s affair with Edwina Currie. Says it was one of the few times in politics he was genuinely stunned.

Hat Tip: Andrew Bolt (who poits out all the US ones are Democrats!)

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