The 2002 SFO investigation

For all of Peters’ complaints about the SFO wanting to get revenge on him, they are doing exactly the same thing as they did in 2002 with regard to National, when there were also allegations about funding through a secret trust.

The SFO announced on 13 May 2002 the investigation:

Mr Bradshaw said he was investigating “a particular allegation relating to an aspect of funding provided to the National Party in the mid-1990s”.

It was not until 10 July 2002, that it cleared National:

Today, SFO director David Bradshaw said in a statement the investigation was complete and “there is no evidence of any criminal wrong-doing”.

Helen Clark called the election on 12 June for 27 July, so the SFO took two months back then to investigate, despite the fact it was in the middle of an election campaign. So any suggestions the SFO will on Monday announce it is all sorted out, seem rather optimistic.

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