Wellington Zoo erecting fence – to keep people out

Reading the Dominion Post story on Wellington Zoo, brought back some memories for me. They are putting up an electric fence – not to keep animals in, but keep people out.

have to admit in my silly and foolish I did a nocturnal visit to the Zoo, climbing in over a fence. I can’t recall who I was with, but am almost certain it was to impress some visiting female, who I had promised a tour of the zoo to, even though it was 2 am.

It was, in hindsight, rather stupid as we had no idea if the fence we were climbing over led to a walking track or into the lion’s den. Luckily it was the former.

Spent around an hour looking around. We then made the mistake of taking a photo of the baboons. Now having a flash camera go off when it is pitch black does not go down well with baboons who started making some very loud noises. This then set off the other cages, and within around 60 seconds half the zoo was howling. At this stage decided we should leave and we scampered over to the nearest fence – which also luckily went to the outside – not a den.

am of course now a respectable member of society, and regret my youthful indiscretions!

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