50 days to go

Just finished and posted the weekly Dispatch from Helengrad at NBR.

The honours this week are:

  • National’s doctor and nurse retention policy gets an A-
  • The PM gets a D- for her back of the envelope calculations over Iraq. Using the same pro-rata basis 12 NZ soldiers should have died during the year they were in Iraq doing reconstruction.
  • Even I am almost bored of the Winston Peters scandal and downgrade it to a C+. I offer some educated guesses as to what the different members of the Privileges Committee will agree to in their report.
  • Jim Anderton gets a B+ for breaching the Electoral Finance Act for a second time, and then complaining about provisions he had been explicitly warned about and voted for.
  • In a fit of impartiality I award myself a B for best analysis of the week for my two in depth posts on the Peters scandal!

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