Clark says believing Fairfax poll like believing in fairies

NZPA reports:

Believing in that put National at more than 50 percent support is like believing in fairies, Prime Minister said today.

A Fairfax Media-Nielsen poll over the weekend put National Party support on 52 percent, 18 points ahead of the Labour Party.

Miss Clark told TVNZ that those numbers did not match her experience as she met people across the country.

“I would no more think that National’s polling over 50 percent than I thought there were fairies at the bottom of the garden, that is not reality,” Miss Clark said.

Not a touch of humility. Not a touch of “Yes we are behind and need to convince people”, just King Canute routine.

I’ve just done a count up and since John Key became Leader there have been 50 public polls showing National at 50% or greater, including seven from UMR who do Labour’s own polling.

That is a hell of a lot of fairies!

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