Dim-Post on United Future

The Dim-Posy has done a party profile of United Future. Hopefully this will be of a series, and Danyl will cover all eight parliamentary parties plus the Family, Kiwi and Taito parties.

Some extracts from his excellent profile:

Founded In: 2000 AD as the scriptures foretold

Policy Achievements: Creation of Families Commission, nationwide marketing campaign for Families Commission, improved car-parking and creche facilities for Families Commission Staff. Proven history of improving business card design for Families Commission management.

Party Leader: Hon. Peter Patrick Caiaphas Dunne

Early Life: Born and raised in Pohatu Marine Reserve, attended Canturbury and Massey University, was voted audience favourite at Napier Marineland 1974-77.

Strengths: Can kill a grown man with a single stroke of his mighty flippers.

Weaknesses: Can easily become entangled in discarded plastics.

Campaign Strategy: Speak on behalf of the great silent majority of New Zealanders who have never heard of him and will vote for somebody else.

Very good. I can’t wait to see National’s.

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