Dunne calls out Labour and Greens on Trump


“Over the last few days we have seen virtually every political party in New Zealand condemn the extreme stance taken by the United States via an ill-thought out executive order,” said Mr Dunne.

“But there is a disconnect between the anti-Trumpian rhetoric being used by and the and the policies that they then espouse regarding immigration here.

Labour and Greens have policies closer to Trump on immigration than any other party, bar NZ First.

“On the other hand we have opposition parties loudly beating the drum of condemnation regarding President Trump while also blaming immigration for unemployment (even though it is reducing), Auckland house prices (even though Auckland house price inflation is reducing), and calling many migrants “low-skilled”.

“An argument on immigration that talks about new migrants as problems, rather than as people, is exactly the same ‘us versus them’ narrative that contributes to reactionary and damaging policy regarding immigration,” said Mr Dunne.

Blame immigrants or at least those with Chinese surnames.

“We can have a sensible, tolerant and respectful discussion about immigration in this country, without descending into the politics of blame and persecution.

“It is time parties like Labour and the Greens match their stated opposition to Trumpian immigration policy with what they advocate in their own policy,” Mr Dunne concluded.

Little chance.

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