EPMU sacks Shaun Tan

The has announced it has sacked Shaun Tan. They also give a timeline of events, as they see it.

Now this may go to the Employment Relations Authority, and litigation, so I’m not going to say who is right or wrong. But I will say that the EPMU makes a strong case justifying their actions. I suggest people read the linked statements before jumping to conclusions.

I was highly amused by this part though:

“It should also be noted that Shawn was employed on a probationary basis for six months because of unsatisfactory references from previous employers. The requirement for Shawn to remain focused on union work was expressly part of the probationary arrangement.

Using a probationary period to dismiss someone. Didn’t a union organise a march against such things recently? And 180 days, not 90 days.

Some extracts from the EPMU timeline:

March 10: Tan is employed as an EPMU support centre organiser on a six month probationary period.

May: Tan counselled about his heavy Internet use.

July 16: In his capacity as Asian Anti-Crime Group Media and Legal advisor, Tan organises a meeting between the AAG and the ACT party in order to broker a deal in which AAG organisers, including Tan, are provided with electorate and list candidacies in exchange for the AAG mobilising Chinese votes for ACT. Rodney Hide is in attendance

July 18: Tan discusses ACT party candidacy and AAG involvement with EPMU Director of Organising, Bill Newson, and concludes that he will not be standing for ACT in order to devote spare time to AAG.

Tan prepares CV to send to ACT Party electorate agent Brian Nicolle.

July 22/23: Bill Newson confirms to Tan the union has no issue with his AAG involvement.

July 25: Tan provides CV to prospective employer (emails detail Tan’s continued search for other employment from July 18 onwards).

August 7: Tan emails recruitment agency seeking alternative employment.

The EPMU has also placed their evidence on their website plus more here. And the 13 page letter of dismissal.

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