This week’s Dispatch from Helengrad at NBR is called Boom. The teaser:

A neutron bomb differs from other nuclear devices, in that damage is more focused on biological material than on material infrastructure.

For large strategic neutron bombs, the idea is it kills your enemies but doesn’t wipe out the countryside, allowing the victor to then take over easily.

The smaller tactical neutron bombs are designed to kill armored opponents who prove resistant to blast and heat. It is in this context that Labour spent months whispering of the neutron bomb that would finally succeed where all their other assaults had failed.

Sadly for Labour, they failed to find the neutron bomb and instead found Acme explosives left behind by Wile E. Coyote. And as any Roadrunner fan can testify, these tend to hurt poor old Coyote far more than the target Roadrunner.

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