Clark’s logic on tax cuts

The Herald reports:

After campaigning in Otara on Saturday, told the crowd at the Avondale market yesterday to reject, and laugh at National’s tax policy – regardless of the size of cuts.

Good to see she is keeping an open mind. The are bad and evil regardless of how big they are or who benefits from them. Pathetic.

“Every $10 to $15 you add on to a tax cut right now means things you can’t do – for our health system, for our old folks, for our children, and for putting more police on the streets.”

So is she saying Labour’s tax cuts of up to $55 a week for the highest income earners means she has removed potential money from the health system, old folks, children and the Police?

Clark is a fraud – trying to con people that tax cuts if done by Labour are wonderful, but tax cuts done by National are evil. You can’t have it both ways.

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