The Herald reports Helen Clark saying:

“Frankly swamping the shares of ownership in a SOE is exactly privatising it. So I think some hard questions need to be asked.”

The Government has also issued infrastructure bonds, most recently to help fund major roading projects, but Miss Clark said that did not qualify as privatisation.

I mean the Government should seriously get its own George Orwell TV show. First you have the special magical tax cuts which are non inflationary but all other tax cuts are inflationary.

Then you have the PM claim infrastructure bonds in an SOE are “exactly privatising it” but that roading infrastructure bonds are not privatisation.

They really are trying to fool all of the people all of the time.

Imagine if the last National Government had used infrastructure bonds for roading – Helen Clark would have been screaming in the 1990s that National was privatising the roads. Oh wait, she was!

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