The minor parties and the Internet

Michelle Sullivan continues her rating of the parties and their . In her earlier article she gave an A and a C+ for their web strategies.

  • NZ First – same design since 2002 – a D
  • website okay but needs tweaking, not enough use of social networking and You Tube – a C
  • – simple website, little content – a C
  • – a shiny website, too American, but will be popular with many. No grade given
  • Green Party – expected big things but underwhelmed. Suggest more video on front page. Overall good and gets a B grade.
  • – nice three column setup. Blgo is integrated into site. Also like minipolls. A solid B.
  • – unusual design – some will like it. Little content – C-.

So the overall rankings would be:

  1. National A+
  2. B
  3. United Future B
  4. Labour C+
  5. ACT C
  6. Maori C
  7. Progressive C-
  8. NZ First D

That is pretty close to the rankings I gave out earlier this year in various presentations I did on the issue. I had Greens and National the top two but Greens higher. I also had Progressive and NZ First as the bottom two.  I did have ACT over Labour though but still around the middle.

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