Young calls Clark out

Oh dear has done what John Key once did, and accused Audrey of getting it wrong. And Audrey isn’t wrong:

The Prime Minister got it badly wrong on Newstalk ZB this morning.

She said the Herald got its story about Labour’s promise for a job search allowance wrong.

It did not. The allowance will be available only to a person made redundant whose spouse is working. We said that.

It will not be income-tested against the working spouse’s income. We said that. …

The Prime Minister’s office has been unable to state this morning where the Herald got it wrong. …

The Herald did not get it wrong.

The Herald did not take the same angle that some other news outlets did that all people who lose their jobs will get the allowance.

That may have the impression the PM was trying to convey but that is not correct.

So the Herald interfered with the spin. Bad Herald.

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