Constructive Criticisms

Inevitably things are not as heated and there is less to oppose, when the party you support is in power. And Winston is gone. But I would rather slit my throat than become a rabid cheerleader who thinks the Government can do no wrong, just because of the change of power.

I’ve just done a quick check, and since the election, I have:

  • poked fun at the role of Associate Minister for the Rugby World Cup
  • suggested the Deputy Speaker should be from the Opposition
  • criticised the deal with the Maori Party for extra staff for Maori electorates
  • criticised the size of the Executive several times
  • highlighted and criticised a new ACT MP
  • praised Phil Goff three times!
  • advocated a free vote for Speaker and praised Cullen as a potential Speaker
  • criticised Rodney for his comments on Sunday about John Key
  • called for an inquiry into new National MP Kanwaljit Bakshi (and Shane Jones)
  • praised Labour and Helen Clark for their leadership transition
  • advocated for major portfolios to be within Cabinet

Now of course overall I will be agreeing with the Government far more than I disagree with it. That happens when your get the Government you campaigned for. But as Keith Holyoake once said, even he only agreed with 80% of what his Government did. So I imagine I will also be very keen on 80% of what the Government does, be luke warm to cold on 15% and pretty unhappy with a few decisions.

That is the nature of politics.

It drives me mad to see all these left wingers now talking about how bad the Electoral Finance Act is, yet said nothing at the time. The world will not end if you publicly disagree with your party. Obviously it helps if the disagreement is made respectfully, but one can agree to disagree.

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