Help the Autism Intervention Trust

Support the Autism Intervention Trust. They deserve support in their own right anyway, but also should not be financially penalised for turning down $10,000 from NZ First:

The Autism Intervention Trust confirmed yesterday that it rejected an offer of $10,000 from the party – because “it wasn’t NZ First’s money to give”, spokeswoman Prue Payne said.

Ms Payne said the trust was tempted to give some of the money to a poor and “incredibly deserving” Somali solo mother who was struggling to raise her autistic daughter.

But when the trust realised the implications of where the money came from it sent NZ First’s cheque back because “it was the right thing to do”.

You can donate by cheque to the Autism Intervention Trust, PO Box 83052, Johnsonville, Wellington.

The following charities did take donations from NZ First, it seems:

  • Royal Lifesaving New Zealand
  • Stillbirth
  • Newborn Death Support
  • Kidney Kids of New Zealand
  • Spinal Cord Society

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