The Kiwiherald?

The Hive suggests that more nationalisations are in store:

In his last SST column before the election Matthew Hooton suggests that should they win will seek further control of the media. Well if true why wait for the election. The Herald is up for sale. Why doesn’t the Government buy in? We could then have The Kiwiherald to go with Kiwirail, Kiwibank and Kiwisaver. And while the Government is at it why not buy ? We are sure that Farrar has a price. The Standard needs to re brand. The team could move straight across. The beauty of these suggested arrangements is that both David Farrar and Fran O’Sullivan could be silenced overnight.

I have enjoyed the irony that Labour (through Google Ads) has advertised heavily on Kiwiblog, while National does not appear to have spent any money at all on online advertising. So I am enjoying being part-funded by Labour 🙂

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