HoS interviews Bronagh Key

The interviews Bronagh Key – possibly her first mainstream media sole interview. Extracts:

is a woman of contrasts. She wears subtle jewellery that could be the equivalent of Niue’s GDP.

Yet, she says, she is a “bit of a tomboy actually”, who’s learning how to kickbox, avoids make-up during the day and can’t cook properly.

Kickboxing – cool! Who needs the DPS 🙂

She will, however, talk about Helen Clark. The two women have never met but Bronagh has admiration for her husband’s rival. She insists Clark was wrong in the first leaders’ television debate when she implied John Key shouted over people at home.

“I think [the comment] was in the heat of the moment and it was a bit unfortunate. What she said couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Considering that Bronagh could have aggressively attacked Clark for her comments, she is being very gracious.

They next met, accidentally, at the Russley Hotel, where Bronagh was waitressing. She was in a “long gaberdine maxi skirt and a peach chiffon blouse with a big bow… very tacky,” she laughs.

John, who was with his mum, didn’t know Bronagh worked there but she certainly made an impression. He told his mother: “See that girl, I am going to marry her.”

John seems very determined to suceed at whatever he pursues 🙂

A few weeks later he invited her to the A&P Show. “My mum and dad liked him straight away _ he was always very good with them _ and he would come around a lot on his skateboard… it’s not a pretty sight!”

Oh my God – a skateboarding John Key – now that is the dirt that Mike “Batman” WIlliams should be trying to dig up.  A photo of Key on a skateboard after age 12 would be enough to turn off 5% of the vote 🙂

KEY PROPOSED during her last year at Canterbury University, at the Chateau on the Park restaurant. “I remember saying to him on one condition _ that we had to buy a laundry basket on the way home, because he is really bad at dropping his clothes all over the bedroom floor.”


I ask the same question I posed to Peter Davis, which appears to have upset a few readers _ the matter of their love life. In good spirits, Bronagh brushes it off. “I don’t even talk about that with my close friends, so I’m not going to tell you!”

Key has infamously said he’d turn gay for Brad Pitt. Bronagh says: “I think he’s more interested in Angelina Jolie _ but I’ll have Brad!”

Funnily enough many women also name Jolie as the woman they would go gay for. One can understand why of course!

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