Seven useless facts

A meme is going around where you have to list seven useless facts about yourself. M and M tagged me. And Busted Blonde has the best facts to date:

3 – I have killed approx 40,000 muttonbirds by crushing their brains with my teeth severing the brain from the brain stem causing instantaneous death. Consequently one of my back bicuspids is buggered.
4 – I co-negotiated a $11.2m Maori land settlement package on land that wasn’t our family’s – and got paid $210 for it.
5 – I once wrote a press release about extracting semen from bees

So my seven:

  1. As a child I hated seafood and wouldn’t eat it, but now can’t live without it.
  2. As a student, I once was found under a hedge impersonating a hedgehog.
  3. The first time I entered the University of Otago Library was to attend a meeting of the Library Committee, to which I had been appointed.
  4. American Pie (the Don McLean version not the devil spawn version) is my all time favourite song
  5. I am an excellent skier, and have worked on a ski field.
  6. I wanted to be a doctor, when I was growing up and worked during holidays for several years in a medical laboratory.
  7. My first job after university was as a secretary to a group of psychologists

I won’t tag anyone as many alreayd have done this, but people are welcome to tag themselves.

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