Farewell Paul Holmes

I wasn’t always a fan of Paul Holmes on TV. Don’t get me wrong – he made the Holmes show into a huge success, but I didn’t think he was the best political interviewer on TV and would get frustrated with some of TV work.

But with his radio show, I have no mixed feelings at all. I absolutely love Holmes on ZB and listen to him most mornings. His sense of humour and ability to poke at sacred cows was wonderful. He really had few peers, and it showed in the ratings. I am not sure if we will see such a talented radio person again.

The NZ Herald (despite often being a target of Holmes) delivers a nice farewell editorial.

I don’t know who I will listen to now. Not sure how Hosking will go. I could defect to National Radio but again with Sean Plunket leaving, that loses some of its appeal.

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