Audrey on National’s Women

Audrey Young blogs on National’s women making a mark. She even gives them names that they could use in the WWE:

  • Crusher Collins
  • Tolley the Terminator
  • Bruiser Bennett

Audrey talks about Judith:

Police Minister has been dubbed Crusher Collins since she touched a popular nerve with her desire to crush the cars of the criminal boy racers and make them watch.

You can tell she relishes even uttering the words.

She will also have wide support for her aim as Corrections Minister to spend a lot less on building prisons, perhaps prefabricated buildings on existing sites.

Huge support I would say.

But Collins has also showed she is not one-dimensional. She did the right thing in visiting early the grieving family of Halatau Naitoko who was accidently slain by a police bullet and publicly showed the sort of sensitivity the situation demanded of her.

But not a caricature.

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