Fun on National Radio

I had great fun on National Radio yesterday. One topic was the ranking of Abe Lincoln as the all time best President by Historians.

I pointed out that Lincoln was very unpopular with many at the time he was President. He invaded the independent Southern states as they were a security threat. He went far beyond the Patriot Act by suspending habeas corpus. He acted unconstitutionally in many ways, justifying it by the ends justify the means. He imprisoned 10,000 Americans without trial and spent money before Congress had appropriated it.

Yet despite all that, 150 years later he is ranked the greatest ever President.

Therefore is it not possible, I postulated, that in 2150, historians will rank George W Bush as the greatest President of all time 🙂

No I wasn’t being serious, but according to the producer I suceeded in lighting the lines and text messages up.

Another topic discussed was the story of the German woman who had the Armed Offenders Squad rescue her from an Internet romance gone bad. Now that is what you call a bad date!

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