Radio interview with the new National Front leader

Oh this is wonderful listening. Mark Graham from George FM talks to Colin Ansell, current leader of the Front. They want to become a political party and their policies include:

  • state ownership of our assets and resources
  • taking back what has been sold
  • against more prisons – execute criminals after third strike
  • they are not against homosexuals, just want them deported – they can live elsewhere
  • want a ban on until every NZer who wants a job has a job
  • would prevent homosexuals occurring by teaching the virtues of heterosexual behaviour
  • wants no outside marriage
  • thinks should be white only
  • No issue with Jews nowadays, as they have their own country and they should go there. No need for them to live in NZ now.

If you have half an hour, listen to it – it really is funny – albeit unintentionally.

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