If this was done deliberately, how very nasty. The HoS starts by saying:

Far-right racists suspected in attack.

An office belonging to a former immigration has been hit by vandals in what is being described as a racist attack.


Etched beneath the cracked single-sheet front window were the words “QUACK OSMS”, the latter word in lettering similar to National Front insignia.

An angry Delamere yesterday said a bullet had damaged his New North Rd office and his business was being targeted by an anti-immigration “scuzzbags”. “It looks like a bullet has gone through it and it looks like some sort of National Front message scrawled on the footpath,” he said.

They also mention:

The attack follows the desecration of graves in Auckland’s Grafton Cemetery just over a week ago. Three have been charged with wilful damage after anti-semitic graffiti and swastikas were sprayed on 20 headstones. In another attack, a Grey Lynn house being renovated was defaced with similar Nazi emblems. Police are investigating whether there are links among the attacks.

But then get this, they also mention:

Meanwhile, outspoken ad man John Ansell has found a new venue to launch his “Colourblind State” campaign after an Auckland business group pulled the pin on him.

I’m sorry but that is despicable to include that in the same story, which basically links Ansell to Front, anti-semitics and anti-immigration people. I can’t imagine it was done by accident either.

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