Why not increase our immigration levels as a response?

As we know the terrorist was motivated by opposition to immigration from non-Europeans. He did his slaughter to try and provoke conflict, hoping it will lead to his eventual goal.

So what better way to respond to his hatred of immigration, than for the Government to announce that say for the next three years we will relax our immigration settings so an extra 5,000 people a year (100 per person killed) can migrate to New Zealand, under the normal residency criteria.

Could there be a stronger way for us to say that New Zealand rejects his anti-immigration hatred of non-europeans. That the result of his madness is now what he wanted, but the opposite?

One can have legitimate debates about the right level of immigration, but an extra 15,000 over three years is not going to have a huge impact on infrastructure,

Let all the parties in Parliament get together and announce unanimous support for allowing an extra 15,000 people to immigrate to New Zealand over the next three years. Let that be our response to his murderous hatred of non-white immigrants. WOuldn’t that be great and fitting.

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