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One of Australia’s most senior Muslim clerics, Sheikh , was refused entry to New Zealand following the Christchurch massacre – but the ban was overturned following a complaint to the Australian government.
The revelation will raise questions about why the Sheikh was on a New Zealand no-fly list, particularly in light of accusations that Australian security agencies and their international partners are too focused on Islamic extremism compared to right-wing terrorism. …

Immigration New Zealand confirmed Sheikh Shady was refused entry to the country due to a ban placed on him by Denmark last year.
“[INZ] can confirm that Mr Alsuleiman was advised that he was unable to travel to New Zealand visa free as a result of being excluded from Denmark,” said national border manager Stephanie Greathead.
“Because of the exclusion he required what’s known as a special direction enabling a visa to be granted. Taking into account all the circumstances Mr Alsuleiman has now been granted the special direction and a one month visitor visa.”

I don’t have a problem with Sheikh Shady coming here. I do not think he is a security threat. But it is worth looking at what he has said over the years. They include:

  • In 2013, Alsuleiman spoke of the “evil actions” of homosexuality, saying, “Allah will send on them diseases they have never experienced before
  • He has said in online videos that females will be ‘hung by their breasts in hell’ and that adulterers should be stoned to death
  • He has advocated 100 lashes for people engaging in pre-marital sex
  • He has said women must obey their husbands and men have the right to demand sex from their wives
  • Spoke to a UK school and said “Give victory to all the Mujahideen all over the world. Oh Allah, prepare us for the jihad”
  • In 2009 invited a top recruiter for Al Qaeda to speak to Muslim youths in Sydney

Personally I’m against the death penalty for anything, let alone consensual adult sex.

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