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Sheikh Dr has been widely condemned for his antisemitic and misogynistic comments. He has now been permanently stood down from his role as secretary of the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ’s religious advisory board and is under investigation by the Human Rights Commission.

However, a number of questions remain. Why was this preacher able to spread his hate speech for so long? Why did it take so long for FIANZ to confirm his role and take decisive action? Why is Sahib still in charge of the At-Taqwa Mosque?

It is good FIANZ have sacked him from his role with them, but definitely a concern he remains in charge of a mosque.

When the offending video reached the media, the following leaders and groups in New Zealand spoke out:

Notably absent were statements of condemnation of Sahib’s antisemitic and misogynistic comments from the Labour Party and the Greens.

Why nothing from Labour and Greens? They are normally the first ones to condemn hate speech, but total silence from them on this incident.

While the video incident seems to have reached a just conclusion, it remains somewhat of a mystery to the average New Zealander just who this man is and what he represents. Is his influence over people good for our society and how many similar preachers are there in New Zealand?

In 2001, the Centre for Islamic Pluralism published an article that described Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib as a high-ranking Islamic cleric trained in and funded by Saudi Arabia. A Fiji Indian, he spent 15 years being trained as a cleric by the Saudis and was described as an ultra-conservative fundamentalist. The Wahhabi sect to which Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib belongs is described as adhering to the most extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism. The author of Intellectuals and Assassins, Stephen Schwartz, said of Wahhabism that “it is violent, it is intolerant and it is fanatical beyond belief.”

Sheik Dr Anwar Sahib came to New Zealand on a Saudi-funded scholarship and was exposed as having ties to Osama bin Ladin. The then president of FIANZ, Dr Anwar Ghani, dismissed the concerns, saying he knew of no terrorist fundraising or terrorism-linked activity among local Muslims.

In 2011, FIANZ president, Anwar Ghani, once again dismissed concerns when he met with officials of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS). The SIS was concerned about reports that at-Taqwa mosque youth were talking about preparing for jihad in New Zealand. Sheikh Dr Sahib continued during this time to be a senior member of FIANZ.

In 2013, there was a report that Sheikh Dr Sahib had been involved in an Islamic conference where other invited speakers also gave antisemitic, misogynistic, and homophobic sermons. And, more recently, in January 2016, the WhaleOil blog revealed that one of the congregants of at-Taqwa mosque, where Sheikh Dr Sahib preaches, has potentially been radicalised and is a known Islamic State supporter. One is left wondering whether radicalisation of Muslim youth is happening in New Zealand mosques.

This is the very real concern. Most mosques promote a moderate version of , but it takes just one to promote radicialism and fundamentalism and we then end up with the problems that Australia has.

As Sheikh Dr Sahib is a New Zealand citizen, it is unlikely that he will be forced to leave the country. Therefore, like another radical Auckland imam, Sheikh Abu Abdullah, Anwar Sahib will likely continue to preach fringe views in New Zealand, particularly as he is still the leader of his mosque, has access to congregants, and can still broadcast sermons (which he considers to be acceptable) on the Internet.

While most Kiwi Muslims are clearly peaceful, law-abiding citizens, and many Islamic organisations quickly distanced themselves from the sermons, Kiwi members of civic society who cherish peace are right to be concerned about any rise of Islamic fundamentalism that might threaten the New Zealand way of life.

What I find most concerning is that he was saying these things for so long, and that initially FIANZ backed him up and defended him.

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