Will Mark challenge Peters?

The HoS reports that Winston Peters may be forced to share the leadership of NZ First with . Fascinating.

Winston Peters could be forced to share his coveted role as New Zealand First leader, amid internal concerns over the party’s failed election campaign.

The outspoken rumblings are the strongest in the party’s 16-year history, with deputy leader Peter Brown describing Peters as a “liability”.

Boy, having Peter Brown describe you as a liability must hurt. It’s like having David Lange calling someone overweight.

While most are talking of finding a better relationship with the media, Peters renewed the aggressive stance displayed during the campaign.

Asked for comment on the party’s future, he told the Herald on Sunday: “Go have a w**k somewhere else”.

The HoS should put the audio online, as the Dom Post does 🙂

Former MP Edwin Perry raised the possibility of high-profile former MP Ron Mark leading the party. Perry is Mark’s electorate chairman.

Their conference next weekend could be most interesting.

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