An attempted coup in NZ First?

Normally coup and NZ first do not go together as we all know Winston is Leader for life. But it seems there was an attempted coup for Deputy Leader reports the Herald:

New Zealand First members including leader Winston Peters have refused to comment on whether deputy leader Tracey Martin faced a challenge for her position.

Ron Mark was rumoured to be making a bid for the party’s deputy leader position, but this afternoon it was confirmed that – if any challenge was in fact made – it was unsuccessful.

Mr Peters has left it to his party members to shed some light on the situation.

He was asked repeatedly by media who his deputy leader is and whether he could confirm Ms Martin would remain in that position.

“I cannot discuss caucus business, that’s confidential. I am restricted by that. We do not discuss caucus business outside of caucus,” Mr Peters said.

During question time he faced jeers of “who’s deputy”. Ms Martin sat in the party’s deputy chair.

Afterwards, most NZ First MPs refused to comment, but Denis O’Rourke confirmed that Ms Martin remained deputy leader.

Mr Mark also said he was not the new NZ First deputy leader, but would not comment on whether he had made or planned a challenge.

Which strongly suggests he did, or tried to.

Wait until Shane Jones is parachuted in as the Deputy Leader. That will really upset both Ron and Tracey!

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