A smarter move by Labour

’s campaign website called Healthy Homes Healthy Kiwis is a sign they are starting to learn Opposition. It is a sensible and good move for them, as compared to reminding everyone of how badly they stuffed up ACC.

This campaign is asking the Government do something positive – a nationwide insulation project.

While it is asking for money to be spent – it is one off money, which for me is far preferable to something that permamently increases annual spending (such as increasing superannuation floor from 65% to 66% of average wage). And there are some strong arguments that insulation pays for itself with lower power bills, lower health costs etc.

There is still a very legitimate debate about whether the Government or householders should pay for the cost. But it is well timed as a possible infrastructure project during the recession. And the Government is already doing it on a lesser scale with state houses.

Labour of course do not mention on the site that while they agreed to do it in 2008 with the Greens, they never set aside funding for it.

But overall it is a pretty good choice of issue for their first campaign.

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