Another Labour legacy

Poor old doesn’t seem to have realised they lost the election, and is complaining that is going to dismantle the Pacific division of the . The Herald reports:

Labour Immigration spokesman Pete Hodgson said Dr Coleman’s decision was short-sighted and based on political grounds because Labour had created the division.

So let us look at this wonderful legacy Labour left, according to an independent report:

  • the division had had no clear picture of its duties
  • lacked strong leadership
  • had become isolated from the rest of the Immigration Service
  • its leadership created an “us and them” approach
  • attitude prevailed among staff that its leadership was “untouchable”
  • staff were not properly trained or resourced
  • problems with inconsistent decision-making
  • difficult decisions were sometimes put in the “too hard basket”
  • staff morale problems included grievances over pay and conditions
  • poor internal relationships
  • concern regarding financial processes and compliance
  • huge backlogs of applications and issues regarding timeliness and quality

They should be proud.

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