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  1. Homepaddock provides a round-up of reaction from the right blogs to the possibility of Michael Cullen being appointed to chair an SOE. It is universally negative (unlike supporting Clark’s UN bid) and ranges from disbelief to anger.
  2. Liberty Scott fisks The Standard on rails and roads.
  3. No Right turn lashes the Catholic Church for excommunicating the mother and doctor who performed an abortion on a nine year old girl in Brazil who was raped by her stepfather and was pregnant with twins.  Lawyers for the church threatened the mother with homicide charges for agreeing to the abortion.
  4. Chris Trotter blogs on the Labour Party presidency, and how Labour has less than 2,000 members in Auckland.
  5. Aaron Bhatnagar blogs on elephants.
  6. Save the Humans questions the effectiveness of random checkpoints for drunk drivers.
  7. un-PC Lesbian has found a way to avoid the robots on the IRD phone system.
  8. Geekzone has a Q&A with Campbell Smith of RIANZ
  9. Karl du Fresne blogs a wonderful speech he gave on press freedom

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