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  1. Gooner at No Minister has the appalling tale of the man arrested for a “hate crime” because of an objection to planning permission for a mobile gypsy home..
  2. Whale Oil reports on the 143 complaints against Dr Who from gingas after he was reincarnated into the 11th Doctor (two more to go) and said “Still not ginger” with relief.
  3. Conservative Home blogs how the UK boundaries (unlike NZ there is no maximum tolerance from the population average) means that the Conservatives beating Labour by 10% will result in a likely Commons majority of eight MPs, while if Labour beats the Conservatives by 10%, their likely majority is 138 seats.
  4. Labour MP Kelvin Davis calls on Maori to put an equal effort into “sorting our own crap out”, as into fighting to correct past injustices.
  5. Cactus Kate blogs on the failing of feminism as rich professional women are failing to boot out their sponging men.

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