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I’ve started what I hope will be a regular feature – a blog poll which allows readers to rate how they think the frontbench Cabinet Ministers are going.

You can vote on the left on all nine front bench Ministers. You don’t have to vote on all of them.

It goes without saying that a blog poll is totally unscientific, and this will be no exception. However that is not to say they may not be of some value.

The idea for them comes from the excellent Conservative Home blog in the UK. They have been running such polls for a couple of years – allowing supporters to rate the Conservative Shadow Cabinet. The latest results are here.

While unscientific, they can produce two useful pieces of info. The first is a general perception (whether correct or not) of which Ministers are rated highly, and not so highly. But also (and more usefully) how their ratings change over time.

Now this will merely be a blog of Kiwiblog readers. And while there are many supporters here, there are also many ACT/Libz supporters who regard National as commie sellouts and a fair few lefties who still see National as evil capitalists. So if a Minister gets a lowish score, I would not read too much into it.

The idea behind this is not to be judgemental about a particular Minister, but to provide feedback on perceptions of performance that may or may not be useful.

I would ask readers to vote in good faith, and only vote once (polls close Monday midday). Yes I know you can delete cookies or vote from a second computer, but I can usually detect you doing so, and will publish IP addresses of anyone abusively tryng to stack the poll.

At this stage I have done frontbench Ministers only, as I don’t think there is enough info in the public domain for people to be able to rate some of the other Ministers yet. This could change with time.

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