March 2009 Cabinet Front Bench Blog Poll Results

We received over 500 votes in the unscientific blog poll on how readers perceive the front bench Ministers to be doing. The results are shown below in two ways.

Net Approval Ratings

This is the sum of those who said Very Good or Good less the sum of those who said Poor or Very Poor.

  1. John Key +67%
  2. Bill English +54%
  3. Simon Power +54%
  4. Chris Finlayson +53%
  5. Judith Collins +46%
  6. Tony Ryall +43%
  7. Nick Smith +27%
  8. Anne Tolley +21%
  9. Gerry Brownlee +2%

The problem with being Leader of the House is if you make a stuff up, it is very visible and high profile!

Weighted Average

The other measure is a weighted average which takes account of if people said they were very good or just good etc. Basically it assigns a value of 100% for a VG, 75% for a G, 50% for an average, 25% for a P and 0% for a VP. The overall weighted averages are:

  1. John Key 80%
  2. Simon Power 71%
  3. Chris Finlayson 71%
  4. Bill English 70%
  5. Judith Collins 70%
  6. Tony Ryall 66%
  7. Nick Smith 58%
  8. Anne Tolley 57%
  9. Gerry Brownlee 49%

Now again these are not scientific, and only reflect the particular preferences of Kiwiblog readers who participated. What I will find more interesting is the changes when we redo this in one or two months.

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