Davis staying behind

The Herald reports that Peter Davis is not moving to New York, with Helen Clark due to his work at Auckland University.

In some ways this is not surprising, as he previously worked in Christchurch for many years. Of course New York is a hell of a lot further away, and you won’t be catching up at weekends.

This will of course excite some people greatly, who are convinced that the Clark/Davis marriage is a sham and in reality Davis has shagged random men in dozens of cities around the world, and Clark has slept with half the female Labour MPs and staff. If even 10% of the rumours that circulate about them are true, both Clark and Davis could rival Charlie Sheen for stamina.

This is one of those topics that I hate, and as many people can attest any promoting of said rumours will get instant demerits.

In the past I blogged my disapproval of the HoS asking Peter Davis about his sex life, and also blogged my disapproval of the media stories over Peter Davis on 2005 election night.

As I said some people will see this as proof of various theories. It isn’t. It is merely proof that Peter Davis values his professional career a lot, and doesn’t want to chuck in a good job. Clark I imagine will be travelling a lot, and so even if you lived in New York, you might not see a lot of each other.

At the end of the day, MPs private lives should be private unless there is gross hypocrisy involved.

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