There are some questions the should not ask – no matter’s whose spouse they are. The HoS asks Peter Davis:

I ask if they shower together, to conserve water. “No! No, no – we don’t use much water at all.” …

This leads to an inevitable question – does he like sex?

“Arr … err … hello, that guy took interest in what you just said,” says Davis, referring to another pedestrian.

Well, do you like sex? He mumbles for a moment. “Well that is a personal part of my life … and I don’t want to talk about that.”

I’m with on this one. I know there is a fascination out there with the Clark and Davis relationship. But really. Would a journalist ask Bronagh Key if she showers with her husband and whether she enjoys sex?

I actually feel very sorry for Peter Davis for all the shit he has to put up with. Helen is PM and a fair target, but he isn’t unless he gets involved politically (which he does from time to time – in fact my blog byline comes from a letter he wrote to the editor re the NZ Herald).

Oh and advance warning for comments – demerits will be handed out liberally for inappropriate comments. The issue is whether the media should be asking such questions – not what you personally think of their relationship.

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