Fear and ignorance

Jim Anderton is quoted as saying:

Progressive leader Jim Anderton said calling the plan a “buy-back” did not change the fact that it cut the minimum holiday entitlement. Thousands of workers paid just over the minimum wage would be presented with employment contracts that say they request cash instead of annual leave.

Anderton is either showing his ignorance or deliberately fear mongering. Let there be no doubt – such an employment contract would be illegal and unenforceable.

To quote Kate Wilkinson:

“It has been reported the Government intends on letting employers offer their staff a cash payment to replace their fourth week of annual leave, but in reality they will not be allowed to make such an offer.

“Our policy clearly gives employees the choice – only they can approach their boss and ask to make the trade.

Of course as usual the left are against choice. They create a bogeyman of the so called evil employer who will break the law, as a reason to not give the other 99% of the population a choice.

If I was to use Anderton’s logic, there should be no minimum wage because some employers might propose an employment contract that pays less than the minimum wage.

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