Richard Worth

Before I turn to the substance, let us all laugh at this claim from Phil Goff:

“They (directorships) should have been resigned immediately. He would have been briefed as soon as he became minister,” Mr Goff told Radio New Zealand.

“I think that if you breach the in terms of conflict of interest, you’re gone.

“That was certainly the way (former prime minister) Helen Clark ran (things) and I would, too.”

Two words – Winston Peters.

Winston trampled all over the Cabinet Manual. He didn’t declare multiple gifts. He had wealthy donors pay personal expenses on his behalf, and then advocated policy changes that would benefit them. He never declared any of these interests.

And what did and Helen Clark do? They defended Peters. They even voted against the Privileges Committee report (something not even Jim Anderton could bring himself to do).

So Goff’s claim that Labour would have sacked Worth, should be seen for the bullshit it is.

Worth is a brand new Ministers. Key in his own words has bollocked him and given him a final warning. That by itself is a million miles more than what Labour did in the past.

I am glad to see Key take a very tough line here. I am a bit of a purist and think a Minister is a fulltime job. Business interests should be put to one side during your time as a Minister.

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