Served on Facebook

Interesting NZPA article:

A High judge today approved the serving of court papers via Facebook, the popular social network web site, in what is thought to be a New Zealand first.

The High in Wellington was told that Axe Market Garden is trying to sue Craig Axe is alleged to have taken $241,000 from the firm account.

Counsel for the company Daniel Vincent said the plaintiff was effectively Axe’s father John and there were difficulties in serving papers on his son.

Craig Axe was known to be living in Britain but his exact whereabouts were not known.

Mr Vincent said Axe had corresponded via email and was also known to have a site.

He asked associate David Gendall if he would take the unusual step of approving a secondary service order on Axe via and email to avoid him frustrating his client’s action.

Gendall did not bat an eyelid in the room when approving the order after being assured that newspaper adverts could not be effectively targeted.

Good to see the Judge being flexible. Will be rather funny when someone checks their messages to find legal papers!

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