A few weeks ago I left my on a bus and it was never handed in. So I had to get a new one. When I reported the it was gone to the Police, they asked me if I had password protected it, and I had to admit I had not, as it is such a pain to stick in passwords all the time when I use it so much.

But I figured they had a point so a few days ago I stuck a password onto it. And all working okay. If left unattended for half an hour it would prompt for the password, and I enter it and all okay.

But then today I went to synchronise it with my laptop. And both the and laptop asked for a password. The Blackberry accepted it, but the laptop did not. I tried it four times and it just would not be accepted.

Knowing bad things happen if you try for a fifth time, I disconnected the from the laptop. But then the Blackberry still demanded a password. Not wanting to risk it, I turned it off. Turn back on and it still asks for the password and warns it is on attempt five of five, and will wipe the Blackberry if unsucessful.

Rather than risk that I remove the battery and then stick it back a few minutes later. Damn – again it says it is on go 5 of five and warns the password is needed and if incorrect it will format the and delete all data.

So very carefully I enter the password. I am 100% sure it is the password. But somehow it now thinks something else is the password and the neighbours hear my screams of rage as the comes up with 5% deleted and happily carries on.

I now have a which needs me to reformat everything from scratch. Seriously not happy.

UPDATE: Fuck fuck fuck fuck. The stupid fucking thing has managed to delete my entire Outlook address book. Every phone number and e-mail address has been deleted. This is highly unamusing.I want a gun and someone to aim it at.

If you are someone whom I normally phone, send me a text with your name so I can start the painful job of rebuilding the directory. I do have a backup but it is not that up to date. Also an e-mail could be useful too.

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